Rules and Games


Why is it that at the start of any relationship, whether it’s a sexual relationship or a romantic one we have to follow these rules and play some sort of game? For the most part, women know that if we act too eager, a man usually gets scared and runs away. So for us this consists of not contacting him first, and if he contacts us to deny him the first time for the “chase”. This sort of game and these sort of rules are so outdated and barbaric. If I want to hangout with a man, why do I have to deny him the first time. What if I wanted to hangout? Now we both don’t get what we want. Why can’t I contact him first? What if i’m interested in getting to know him more, why is that a turn off? Even if it’s not for a relationship, even if it’s just for sex, why do women have to bend over backwards to make ourselves more desirable? Maybe I’m dating all the wrong men, but I want to be able to do whatever I want without the fear of being annoying, or being rejected. If I want to hangout with a man, I should be able to. I’m sick of playing games, why can’t we rewrite our own damn rules?