abuse, drinking, leaving, love, verbal abuse

I recently got out of an abusive relationship, with no cuts, bruises or scars on my body. This abuse was verbal abuse. Every time this man had even a sip of alcohol, he went off on me. Everything I possibly do wrong in our relationship, every flaw I have, every mistake I made, he decided to point out. He emotionally attacked me. He would purposely say things to me knowing it would make me upset. He would call me a “piece of shit” and repeatidly ask me “why are you a piece of shit” when I responded saying I didn’t think I was, he’d keep asking and eventually raise his voice and get more angry. It was so bad I had to get other people involved, I could not deal with his verbal abuse alone. The next morning he’d wake up and apologize. He would tell me he felt sick to his stomach about how he acted. And I kept forgiving him. I kept thinking that he was serious about his apology, I kept thinking that he was really gonna change this time. He made it so convincing. However once again, when alcohol hits his lips, the demon came out. Eventually you have to tell yourself that you don’t deserve this. You have to realize that by forgiving them every time makes them think its okay. Abuse is not okay, regardless of the kind. Ladies, know when to get out. Know that you deserve a man that treats you like a princess. Know the difference between a fight, and verbal abuse. As for me, the man I love told me he was never going to drink again. So I will see how his actions play out, words mean nothing if they’re not backed up by actions. Sometimes people push you too far, and you need to know when to leave.