Incase anyone needs this


Reasons to live:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Puppies
  • That first day of Fall after a really fucking hot summer
  • When your phone lights up with a message from someone you love
  • quality television shows
  • moments where you laugh so hard you have to hold in your pee
  • when you see something so beautiful you just stop and stare
  • Pizza
  • your cheeks hurting from smiling so hard
  • mountains
  • endorphines
  • chocolate
  • Holidays
  • when your favorite song comes on the radio
  • back massages
  • orgasms
  • hugging someone after not seeing them in a while
  • clean laundry
  • nachos
  • movies where you’re left in awe
  • seeing people waiting at the airport with flowers
  • a babies laugh
  • just any baby animal
  • comedians
  • concerts
  • presents
  • fresh baked cookies
  • new clothes
  • good books
  • comfy ass blankets
  • sports
  • good nights of sleep
  • paychecks
  • fresh fruit
  • that feeling when you finally crack your neck or back that you’ve been waiting to crack
  • showers after the beach
  • naps
  • dinners with everyone you love
  • babies shoes… so tiny and cute
  • snow flurries
  • the moment you take a really freaking good picture
  • jumping into a pool after being incredibly hot
  • when your favorite artist releases new music
  • kisses
  • ice cream
  • travel…even if its a mile away
  • when your team wins a game
  • sunsets and sunrises
  • love

There’s a lot of reasons to live, and they vary for everyone. But basically this life is weird and messy but whoever you are, wherever you are, life is better with you in it. Pick a reason to stay, and stay. We want you.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 


Letting go


I need to let go. It seems kind of strange, because I have already done this, I let you go 2 years ago and then you magically came back into my life. But its time again. I can’t hold on to something like this. I can’t constantly wonder what you’re up to, if you think of me, if you love me. I can’t put my life on hold and wait for something that may never happen. My heart will always be with you, and I truly don’t know if anyone will ever love you as much as I do. But for my happiness, and sanity, I need to let go and move on. There isn’t really a scenario for us to happen, and if there was I don’t know that I could trust that you’d be there for me like I’d be there for you. As much as I love you, it’s unhealthy for me to hold onto something that isn’t happening. I’m writing the post, I’m deleting the texts, I’m moving on. I’m limiting my expectations for the future, and just going to live in the now. I know what we had, and it was unbelievable, but I also know my worth and how I should be treated, and I deserve someone who makes me their number one. Letting go, moving on, please bring me freedom and happiness.