Many of my friends on here know this information, and this may be new information for others. These shootings are becoming more frequent, however there is still a level of disconnect for some. The mentality that “it won’t happen to me”. On March 6th 2012 my high school Spanish teacher who had recently been terminated as an employee came to high school with an AK 47. He shot and killed our principle, and then killed himself. So now you can shake of this mentality that shootings are not frequent, that you don’t know anyone in a shooting, or that it won’t happen to you, because it happened to me. It became my reality, and it is becoming the reality of so many others. Change is needed. No one should have to fear attending school, attending a concert, attending church, attending a movie theater, and attending a night club. The “criminals don’t listen to laws anyway so they would still have guns, you’d only take guns away from law abiding citizens” excuse is bullshit and you know it. Yes, criminals exist, and yes they break laws. We have laws against raping people, and people still get raped, we have laws against murdering people and people still get murdered. This argument is insinuating that all laws are bogus, that criminals don’t listen to them anyway so why are they needed. Laws are needed in order to make a society function properly, yes criminals break them however we don’t just throw away all the laws. The second bullshit excuse “if someone else there had a gun they could have killed him and it never would have happened.” A lot of the times these weapons used in shootings are large weapons. You can not take out your handgun, and think it’s the same thing as an AK 47. Also, police officers who are highly trained with guns can sometimes not kill the shooter, which makes me think that a 22 year frat boy would also not be able to kill the shooter, and if anything would just harm more civilians. Lastly, when law enforcement is looking for an active shooter, it may not be the best idea to pull out your handgun and try and shoot someone, because that is how you get killed by mistake. In Las Vegas, there was no possible way any civilian could have killed the shooter, if a civilian pulled out their own gun, they would have been assumed to be the shooter, and may have lost their own life. Now that we have the bullshit excuses out of the way, we can focus on the change that is needed. We need to open the conversation in Washington, we need to understand that these are our people that are being killed, if a foreign terrorist killed 17 people today, travel bans would be talked about, immigration would be talked about, but when an American citizen opens fire on other American citizens, we send our thoughts, prayers, condolences. We can not bring back those 17, but we can prevent this from happening again, before its your family member, or before its you. These are real people who died, these are real families who are forever changed. America, who constantly boasts about being the greatest country in the world, do better.