Back in a trap


I mean I’m stupid for letting it happen. Thinking that what he was saying might have some truth to it? I should have never agreed to the first time, I should have never agreed to meet up with him again. But I thought it would be great, little did I know. I should have never gotten excited about it, I should have never let myself fall into this little trap that he made for me. I don’t know what his intentions were with this. Just to hurt me one more time before he leaves? What was the fucking point? I had done so well. He had hurt me so much and I had really moved on in a great way, and now we’re here again because of my stupidity. I hate myself for being this stupid, for being naive thinking that he had good intentions, but you know who I hate even more? Him. For doing this again, for ruining everything good. Why, why does this always happen to me?