13 reasons why… say no to the show


If you haven’t heard about the phenomena 13 reasons why, then you’re one of the few people that don’t go on social media or read news, and truly I applaud you for it, but for all of us who have watched the show, I have a few things to say. Suicide is never a topic that should be taken lightly. The show romanticizes the idea of suicide. It shows that you can get revenge, and you can hurt the people who hurt you. While many of the people on the tapes don’t deserve to be on there, because what they did is very minor, I can sympathize with Hannah on how the little things can seem so big. I understand how small things can spiral up, and how every little thing can cause you to fall into a hole of deep depression. However, this is never an excuse to ruin other peoples lives. She was so distraught by this school, and how she was treated, and how she was bullied, she then decides to become the bully. By making these tapes she causes huge repercussions. She doesn’t care about all the people she’s hurting, just about getting revenge. Most people who are suicidal just want their pain to end and they usually aren’t looking to blame others. Suicide is a terrible, horrible thing. It hurts me to think that people are in so much pain that they believe this is the only way, the only way to end all of the pain. I feel for Hannah in that sense, but I can’t respect the tapes, I can’t respect ruining other peoples lives after you take your own. This show scares me, it scares me that other teenagers will think this is a good idea. They make mental illness seem poetic. It doesn’t depict suicide or mental illness accurately. Remember, everyone, pain is temporary, darkness is temporary. There are countless people willing to help. Light always prevails.


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