I don’t know how I can be filled with so much sadness at one time. The sun is rising and setting everyday, I have people I love surrounding me, but all I feel is sadness. It’s not poetic, it’s not romantic, it’s not dark, it’s sad. Being depressed is sad. I can look at the person I love and feel nothing. I can have hurtful¬†things said to me, and feel nothing. I can look at all the beauty in the world, and feel nothing. That’s what depression does to you, it makes you feel nothing, nothing other than the pain you already feel beating inside your chest. The pain that pushes away your loved ones, makes you perform at a startling low rate, makes you be unbearable to be around. Why is it that sadness forces people to turn around and run? No one wants to deal with it. It’s contagious, everyone thinks if they’re around sadness too long that they will be infected with it too. They’re not wrong. Sadness has a way of latching onto people and sucking all the bright and cheerful out of them. Sadness is¬†not my friend.