Homesickness… is it a good thing?


I, like most teenagers wanted to leave the nest for university. So I decided on a school that’s a 5 hour drive from home. My mother came to visit me this week, she hasn’t even left yet and I miss her. And now I miss home. My hometown was great, it had a good university why didn’t I just go there? I often ponder this thought, I could have kept my job, I could have been close to my family. But I wouldn’t gain this experience. Going to college 5 hours away from home forced me to really be independent. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and I believe this to be true. When I’m away from home, I miss it immensely. But I remember when I was home this summer, all I wanted to do was be back at school. We always want we don’t have. Ultimately I’m going to miss my family and my friends back home, but that’s life. At some point you move away, and this experience has made me put my big girl panties on. I now have to go to my doctors appointments alone, I have to cook all my own food, and clean my own house. I have to pick up my own prescriptions. This was all going to inevitably happen at some point, but college is supposed to be the time to break from the nest. And like Bon Jovi reminds me everyday, who says you can’t go home? (after I get my BA of course)


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