protected or paranoid?


It’s no surprise that yet another video has surfaced involving a police officer abusing an innocent (usually black) person. Every time I watch these videos, I cringe. It always involves the police officer abusing his power. It always involves the victim explaining that they are being hurt, and pleading for them to stop. So it leads me to the question, when you see a police officer, do you feel protected or paranoid? Obviously if someone breaks into your house, or someone pick pockets you, you’re going to love your police officer that helps you. But what about what most commonly is happening now, what about if you are pulled over? Your protector is no longer your protector. Yes, police officers have to do their job, if you’re going 75 in a 45, well shame on you. But if you forgot to put your turn signal on, a police officer should not ask you to step out of your car. You’re not supposed to resist anything the officer says, and you’re supposed to oblige with what the police officer is asking. But why would we? All these videos of men and women being held down to the ground with a gun, being pushed and shoved around. Why the hell would anyone get out of the car? Why the hell would a police officer do this? The answer is, abuse of power. The police are people, just like you and me. You don’t need a college education, and you don’t need a lot of money to join the police force. They’re regular people, and regular people make mistakes. But unlike regular people, the mistakes these men and women make at work could potentially kill someone, or multiple people. It’s time that our police force evaluates its members. It’s time that cameras are installed in every car. It’s time to take this situation more seriously. I don’t want to feel paranoid when I see a police officer, because their purpose is to protect me.