There comes a point in every girls life where you’re over trying for a man who just doesn’t give you the time of day. Yes, the man may be perfectly sculpted by the Gods, his hair may be luscious, and his lips may be oh so kissable, but if he doesn’t have the decency to text you back… ditch him. If he doesn’t open the door for you, ditch him. If he flirts with another girl in front of you, ditch him. Girls, we constantly make excuses for men. “Maybe he didn’t get my text, or is just really busy.” NO, if a man is interested he will text you back. “Maybe he just doesn’t open the door for people ever.” NO, if a man is a gentleman he will open the door for you. “Maybe he just doesn’t realize he’s flirting.” NO, men are not as oblivious as we like to think they are. We need to stop making excuses for fuck boys. If he doesn’t seem like he cares, he probably doesn’t care. Yes, it sucks and it hurts and we can cry, eat a gallon of ice cream, and watch gossip girl. Then we’ll suck it up and move on. Stop making excuses for men, because the more excuses you make for the wrong guy, the more time it’s gonna take to get to the right guy.


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