why did you join a sorority?


I have had nothing but absolutely positive things to say about greek life…until now. My sorority – like most, has specific by laws that prohibit alcohol and the sorority to be mixed. (obviously its going to be mixed) But this essentially means, no drinking in your letters. No screaming “IM A __” when drunk, and no throwing up your letters with alcohol in your hands. Now these are very understandable. Our sorority should not be associated with drunken behavior. We don’t want to get a reputation that we’re just party girls, and we want to break from the typical sorority stereotype. I, who is very socially liberal, bit my tongue when they told everyone that unless you were 21 you weren’t allowed to post any pictures with anything that could be perceived as alcohol. This includes, solo cups, fat tuesday cups, etc. I understand this rule, because yes we live in America and it is illegal to drink alcohol under 21. However, what irks me about this rule is that now us girls have to think twice before taking a picture. We have to set our drink down, or fear the wrath of standards. This is when a sorority starts to dictate your life, this is when your free will and choices are being taken away. I understand, yes, it is illegal for me to drink under 21, so therefore I should not post a picture with a solo cup. However, I am an adult, and if I want to make a mistake, it should be my mistake to make. Anyway, like I said I bit my tongue on this one because I partially understand. But, now I am overwhelmed with the limitations they are putting on us. There is a big party event that is going to be held at my school during welcome week in the fall. We are prohibited from attending this event.¬†Excuse me? What if I went to the event sober? What if I was the DD? What if I just wanted to freaking let loose and get drunk at a party? It’s a damn party, and it’s my choice whether or not I should attend. So the question stands, why did I join a sorority? I joined a sorority to build friendships and bonds with other women, I joined a sorority because of the amazing philanthropy opportunities, I joined a sorority to broaden my college experience. I did not join a sorority to be dictated, I did not join a sorority so that my decisions could be made for me, and I certainly did not join a sorority so that my free will could be taken by girls two years older than me. So you ask, why don’t you just drop it? Because, I have made amazing friendships, I have been thrilled about attending events, and doing good for our philanthropy. I don’t want these things to end, I just want the system to change. As far as I know, my sorority is the only one on my campus who can’t attend this event. For me, that means that my sorority in particular has women in charge who are drunk with power. My organization nationally is not this strict, I have sisters at different schools who are appalled by the way we are treated in my chapter… like children. We are treated like a children, I did not join a sorority to have rules placed on me, I have a mother and a father and most importantly I am an adult. It’s time for me to take a stand, I shouldn’t have to choose between the organization I love, and my freedom.




There comes a point in every girls life where you’re over trying for a man who just doesn’t give you the time of day. Yes, the man may be perfectly sculpted by the Gods, his hair may be luscious, and his lips may be oh so kissable, but if he doesn’t have the decency to text you back… ditch him. If he doesn’t open the door for you, ditch him. If he flirts with another girl in front of you, ditch him. Girls, we constantly make excuses for men. “Maybe he didn’t get my text, or is just really busy.” NO, if a man is interested he will text you back. “Maybe he just doesn’t open the door for people ever.” NO, if a man is a gentleman he will open the door for you. “Maybe he just doesn’t realize he’s flirting.” NO, men are not as oblivious as we like to think they are. We need to stop making excuses for fuck boys. If he doesn’t seem like he cares, he probably doesn’t care. Yes, it sucks and it hurts and we can cry, eat a gallon of ice cream, and watch gossip girl. Then we’ll suck it up and move on. Stop making excuses for men, because the more excuses you make for the wrong guy, the more time it’s gonna take to get to the right guy.