It’s sad because I like to my consider myself as cultured and understanding of money. Yes my stepdad is a highly successful CEO, and he’s made a wonderful life for me and my family. But my father and stepmother are just elementary school teachers, and when I’m at their house I don’t live the life of luxury I live at my mothers/ stepfathers. So I’ve gone through life understanding my blessings from my stepfather, understanding that yes essentially my family is rich. But what I have failed to grasp is that my Dad and Stepmoms income is still enough. They still pay their bills. Live in a nice decently sized house. Drive newish mildly priced cars I.e. Honda and Subaru. I always thought I understood the other aspect – the non rich aspect. But I’m becoming shelter shocked now that I go to a school that isn’t privately run. There are people here who can not afford to be a full time student, their houses are small, their cars are still from the 20th century. I am surrounded by people who are so much less fortunate than I. And I feel as if I should apologize for the wealth and luxuries I have.


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