Blind Dates


I recently went on a “blind date”. His name is Oliver, I had spoken with him over text and seen pictures of him, but essentially did not know him. I went on the date with high expectations. He was attractive, and nice to text with. Things met my expectation. He was even more attractive in person, the conversation flowed nicely and I ended up having a really great night. I felt happy, like that first date happy that you feel. I then proceeded to go on a second date with him, and the connection I felt disappeared. Although he was nice to look at, and I was physically attracted to him, I didn’t feel emotionally attracted to him. I felt like we had no common interests, I felt slightly uncomfortable, and I felt as if I couldn’t be my true self around him. I then left without the feeling I felt on the first date. I did not patiently wait for a text from him. I did not even care if he ever contacted me again. That is not what I want. I want crazy, stupid, butterflies, dancing around the room love. And it’s two dates. And its very rushed. But I can already tell that he could never give me that feeling I want. So moral of the story, although the first blind date can be nice (or I guess it could go horribly) do not make a judgment based on the first impression. Whether the impression is amazing or awful, it’s just a first impression.


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