Will I love again?


One of the worst parts about a break up, is that it completely shatters your ability to love. You don’t want anyone else, just them. And it seems as if it will always be that way, and it will, for a while. Eventually though, you will meet someone else, it won’t happen right away, but it will happen. The overwhelming doubt will eventually fade, the ” I’m never going to get married” thought will dwindle, and you’ll be able to open your heart again. But the reality is that you may be opening your heart to another heartbreak. They say with every heartbreak you’re that much closer to finding “the one” but what if you found “the one”, and he’s perfect in every way and everything you could ever want, but he has found “the one” in someone else. What if the love of your life, doesn’t love you? What if your heart breaks so many times that you give up, just before you meet Mr. Right? There are so many questions and complications about love. Where there is love, there is hope, but where there is no love, all that’s left is doubt, and an unsatisfying amount of sadness.


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