Casting older girls to play young girls


Has anyone ever noticed how the “18” year old on TV actually looks like they’re 25?? Well that’s because they are. Lets take the show “Pretty Little Liars” currently in the show, the girls are supposed to be in their senior year of high school. So they should be 17 or 18. But the character Hannah is 24 in real life. The character Aria is 25. The character Emily is 27, and the character Spencer is 29. What I hate more than anything about this, is that it gives teenage girls an unrealistic expectation of what they need to look like in high school. They see these girls in their mid and late 20’s playing high schoolers, and they think they should look like that. But they shouldn’t, when you’re in high school you’re still a child. These actresses are women. So why do they cast it like this? Is it because the women in their late 20’s are so much better actors? Because I can find them some extremely talented teenagers to cast. When I was growing up, I imagined at 16 I would look like a fully grown woman. That’s just so unrealistic. Since age 16, my breasts have almost doubled in size, and my face has gotten more mature. But because of the way 16 year olds are casted on TV, I thought that I should look like a woman when I was still a child.


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