modern day romance – tinder


If you’re a college student like me, there’s a 90% chance you’ve heard of “tinder”. Although I just completely made up that statistic, unless you live under a rock that doesn’t see the light of social media, you’ve probably heard of the app. So what is it? Basically Tinder is an app where you can swipe left(no) or right(yes) on someone strictly based on pictures, a 180 word bio, and common interests via Facebook. It has become the way for college kids to essentially meet potential “hook ups”. It’s not like people go on Tinder hoping to find a meaningful lifelong partner, considering most people only swipe based on looks. It is the modern day romance. “We met on Tinder.” is just an absolutely horrible story in my opinion. Tinder is worse than any other form of “dating” site. Because it is merely just for hook ups. I have yet to meet a person who says they met their current boyfriend on tinder. At least sights like and eharmony produce loving relationships. Whatever happened to courtship, whatever happened to a boy picking me up with flowers and taking me out for a nice meal. Is it too much to ask for a little chivalry? The sad part is, we’ve allowed men to think it’s okay. We’ve allowed them for a while to invite us over to their house and have sex and then leave. We haven’t required them to take us out on these fancy dates. But let’s do it. If we all stop giving the V, and if we all get off tinder, boys will have no choice but to grab life by the balls and ask a beautiful woman out on a beautiful date.


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