Sex with the lights on or off?


Sex with the lights on or off? Some people believe if you can have sex with the lights on it means that there is an extreme attraction. However if you’re having sex period (without alcohol) isn’t there an obvious attraction? Lights off can set the mood more, its more romantic and intimate. However if its a one time fling, what does one prefer? The obvious advantage of having the lights off is that you can barley make out ones body. So ladies if you’re not feeling like you have the best breasts or the flattest stomach, it doesn’t matter cause he’s not going to see it. And men if you don’t have toned abs or muscular arms, its irrelevant. If you’re in a relationship, lights on or off doesn’t matter, you see each other at your worst anyway. But if its a one night stand, for the most part the lights are off. One of the ideas with this is that with the lights off you can imagine whoever you want, but not every humans touch is the same, kiss, or scent is the same. Even if the lights are off and your eyesight is shot, don’t the other senses prevail? Some women would be flattered if a man wants to leave the light on, others could find it odd and annoying, and the rest may be too insecure with their bodies. Whatever you prefer, lights on or off, at least you’re getting off.


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