love, lust, and no text message


How is it that if you get along with a man, you have a good connection, you assume he’s attracted to you, yet he doesn’t call. Do men just have too much pride to ask a girl out to dinner? Would men rather have their balls taken away, and have a woman ask them out? Would a man rather lose a woman, than to put themselves on the line? Personally I can’t give up a man unless I am fully aware that it is going nowhere. I would rather be face to face rejected, than wonder the what if. Although rejection is something no one ever wants, for me it is somehow refreshing. It helps me move on 2x faster, it helps me realize that obviously theres something wrong with the guy, and it helps me realize that there are plenty of better men out there. Yet men can’t do the same. It baffles me that a man can’t just take a leap of courage to see how the girl is feeling. Obviously I’m not talking to all men, but the majority. Why is it that a woman has more balls than a man?


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