Although I don’t consider myself a “feminazi” I do see the value in gender equality. For me, it mainly involves sex. We, women, have formed judgements against other women. “I wonder what her number is.” “I heard she had sex with almost everyone in that fraternity.” SO WHAT? Wanting sex is a natural desire, and the number of partners a woman or man has is none of anyones business. Ladies, we are part of the problem. We are judging one another. I, as a female, should not feel bad for wanting and having sex. I, as a female should be viewed exactly the same, regardless of my sex life. I, as a female should be still seen as a work of art, and something worth sleeping with. I, as a female should not have to worry about if my “number” will be a turn off, or if a person I have slept with will be a turn off. Men are part of the problem too, they cringe at the thought of us having 20 sex partners, yet have had 30 themselves. But this post isn’t necessarily about that, it is about men and women and all other beautiful species of the world passing judgment. Let me set it straight for everyone that slut shames. A woman is not a slut for wanting sex, she is human. A woman is not a slut for having sex, she is human. A woman is not a slut for having sex with multiple partners, she is human. Sex is a wonderful and beautiful thing, and everyone equally should be able to participate in sex, without the judgment that coexists with it. SO here I am telling every woman to exercise her rights, and do whatever the hell she wants. And I’m asking the woman who chose not participate to not judge. We don’t judge you for having one partner, or choosing to not have sex at all, so don’t judge us for choosing the opposite


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