There’s a time in everyones life when you realize that the only person who can’t disappoint you is you. They say that love shouldn’t tear you down, that boys shouldn’t make you hard. You should always be a soft little delicate flower. But after disappointment and disappointment how can one build themselves up again, and be open to love? The rumor that men are afraid of commitment isn’t true, they are terrified. But I don’t think that its because they’re terrified that they’re gonna get hurt or disappointed, its just because they’re afraid of locking down with one person. They’re afraid of being off the market. I don’t know about other women, but I would rather stay with one guy who I laugh with, have great sex with, and enjoy each others company. But somehow guys like to have that and then move on to the next. If you’re having a great time with someone, if you’re sleeping with them, and laughing with them, why would you fuck that up by looking for someone else? Yet they do, men move on like how bees move from flower to flower. So once again, how can that not make us hard? After disappointment and disappointment, eventually you’re just going to assume that no guy is good, that every guy is an asshole, and every guy is the same. Sorry boys, I know some of you enjoy commitment, but if you want us to stop labeling you as an asshole, if you want us to stop labeling you as commitment phobe fuckers, then maybe you should talk to your fellow men. If you want the label to stop, make the men stop. “Not all men” is not an excuse. The worst part is that it hardens us, it makes us stubborn about life and love. Makes it that much harder for a good guy to tear down our walls. So here’s the lesson, if you wanna love, love, but don’t open your heart to every asshole you meet. If you wanna fuck, fuck, but don’t let yourself think its more than fucking. And if you wanna a relationship, find a guy, that is different from every others (if thats’ even possible). Don’t let the disappointments make you hard, don’t let the world take away your innocence.



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